Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pizza Restaurants Facing Threats?

Will Malaysian pizza parlours face threats from the latest pizza company?

This new company can run with the lowest staff personnel, lowest shop rental rate or lowest operating cost. How are you going to challenge this new frontier?

The founder, thinker, inventor, the big dreamer went all the way to create a vending machine to produce a pizza. Yeah, only a vending machine.

This vending machine, named "Let's Pizza", will have containers pouring out flour, water, tomato sauce, and fresh ingredients to produce the pizza as requested via buttons on the vending machine. It will take only three three minutes. This is much faster than those local pizza parlours.

How much is one of this pizza then? Only US$5 or 4 Euros minimum for either the Margherita, bacon, ham or fresh greens choices. Much cheaper than those local pizza parlours.

What if you want to be part of this business venture and challenge the likes of other pizza parlours found in Malaysia.

How much is it to set up this venture? First, you have to buy that vending machine at a cost of US$32,000. Then pay for the high transportation cost to Malaysia where the customs may tax you double or triple the amount, topped up by other local taxes and licensing fees.

Might as well just eat at the local pizza parlours hehehehe. Well, never try never know forever.

The inventor, Claudio Torghele, gave a try and will be going places soon ...... at the moment, in Italy only.

Reading: In Italy, a Vending Machine Even Makes the Pizza - New York Times

(Picture sourced from CNET Asia)
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Blogger savante said...

That's an ingenious idea though I'm wondering what the pizzas taste like!

26 April, 2009 11:04  
Blogger foongpc said...

Can the machine deliver the pizza to me? No? Then no thanks! Haha! Cos I only eat delivered pizza and if I were to eat non delivered ones, I prefer to eat at the pizza restaurant itself! : )

26 April, 2009 12:37  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Is it even hygienic? What goes on behind the machine and bugs can easily crawl in to the openings.

Yuckkkkkk. I don't think it's such a clever idea.

26 April, 2009 22:00  
Blogger Bengbeng said...

dont think it will catch on. not at that price..with zero ambience

27 April, 2009 16:14  
Blogger WanWan said...

But I dont think "sedap" lo...

27 April, 2009 19:20  
Blogger amei79 said... seem everything to done by machine...less demand in manpower in near future...err....or should the young generation go to study those engineering & technical related course?

28 April, 2009 12:15  
Blogger Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid said...

nice idea tho..
at least the inventor of this product tried to think something new..

02 May, 2009 00:18  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

savante - don't think it'll be as exciting as those coming out from the real pizza outlets

foong - this one is fresh as u cld eat it once out. yr delivery guy cld deliver yr pizza 15mins after it has left the pizza outlet

gorgeous eve - medical people's real concern ....... the bugs hehe

bengbeng - its for lazy people on the move

wanwan - i agree with u

amei - no need study. get the idea and have someone work for u. u'll just be the driver of the idea

umar - yeah, a real dreamer

02 May, 2009 01:58  
Blogger Raymond said...

don't think it will be fresh.

04 June, 2009 00:33  

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