Saturday, April 18, 2009

Karaoke Night in Khartoum

On Friday weekend night, we dropped by at Petronas Sudan's headquarters where it houses the main office and also staff quarters. We were told there would be Malaysian food and a karaoke session would be held in the open air.

When you are here, anything is interesting. The event started at 9pm.

There was a food stall opened up to sell food cooked in Malaysian style of course. You won't feel 'food sick' over here.
It was a relaxing night and there was a karaoke sing-a-long session. A stage was put up for guys to belt their favourite songs. Yeah, as long as I was there only the guys went up on stage.
Later, a group of kids performed a fast dance. Can't recognise that English song of theirs. It took them only one week to practise.
Soon, a group of men went up on stage to act as back-up singers to support a senior management guy who will be singing his favourite song. Didn't that long and went off for our late late dinner at 10pm.



Blogger WanWan said...

nice outing... not bad... when at oversea.. really miss Malaysia foodie

18 April, 2009 15:06  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

wanwan - oh yes, the foooooooooood

19 April, 2009 16:33  

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