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Road Robbery at Petaling Jaya

road be wary...pls read
Posted by: "Jessica Teh"
Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:39 pm (PDT)

Hi Everyone,
Pastor Guy has asked me to share my stories about recent road incidents which I really apologised have taken so long due to my many demands in time as mom to a very very active, demanding, emotional, etc... 2-year old toddler!

I have recently experienced a near attempted robbery while I was in the car (with Evan) and had friends who experienced the same few weeks later. During this very tough and difficult financial crisis, the cases of road robberies (or any kind of robbery) are getting rampant and we need to be watchful wherever we go (at any time of the day). We need to keep our families and loved ones in prayer at all times.

Few weeks ago while I was taking Evan back from my mom's place, I experienced an attempted robbery while I was still in my car with Evan! A screeching sound of a motorcyle behind initially had me wondering if an accident occured. But to my shock, the second motorcyclist flew onto the window of my passenger seat and started using his helmet and another sharp object to break the glass. At first I was still wondering whether the guy had an accident and flew onto my window (cos I don't see ppl flying to your window everyday!!).

Then after 2 attempts to whack the glass, I knew he was trying to shatter it. It happened really fast and I couldn't escape and drive away because I was sandwiched between cars at the traffic light (along 17/1 just before turning to Damansara Highway). All I could do was pray...and after 4-5 times of very hard whacking he gave up. My glass didn't shatter because I had installed a security film that holds the glass together.... although there were tiny pieces of the side that had already landed on the passenger seat.

To my horror, as the traffic light had not turned green yet, the guy immediately targeted another car on the opposite side of the road, and I am very sure the guy didn't have time to see if there was any handbag or items in the car because within less than 10 seconds he started smashing her window as well. This was an old car with a woman in her 40-50s. He took her belongings. Obviously she was screaming and nobody could do anything as the traffic light turned green and everybody left.

I had to take a slow drive home as the glass to the side of the window was slowly crumbling, but am so thankful that the glass didn't completely shatter and Evan was not shaken by the incident. And I had lock all my doors! But I still had the image of the man's evil look in my mind over the next few days. I had never seen such an evil look upfront and upclose before!

2 weeks later, a close friend experienced the same thing. I had just shared with her my experience the week before and she was the only one who had installed security films to her windows as well. She was going to a shop in Old Klang Road with her sister. She came down from the car while her sister sat at the passenger seat to wait for her (It is advisable for everyone to leave the car and not wait inside nowadays!).

A man came to the passenger seat window (where her sister was) and started smashing the window with a sharp object. Obviously it took a while to shatter the glass due to the film, but because the car was parked and he had more time, he continued whacking until the whole glass piece shattered. This was at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. After screaming her lungs out, the guy fled without taking her bag but she was bleeding due to the glass falling on her and in trauma. Really thank God the glass didn't go into her eye (nearly did!).

There are actually more cases from my friends relatives..mostly at traffic lights. This incidents just proves to warn us over and over again to be wary of our surroundings. ...and esp ladies (cos we are the main targets!) to hide your bags or don't carry any bags if you can, to avoid trouble. Let's continue to pray for safety everywhere we are, at anytime of the day.
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Blogger -EdwiN- said...

gosh!! n to think we're "safe" during highways, canot imagine in kl... i'm locking my doors from now on ><

03 April, 2009 08:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

edwin - u better lock it the moment u enter and not wait for the auto lock to function

03 April, 2009 19:02  

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