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Lawn Bowl Team Facing Problems

We have heard that Malaysia's football and hockey teams are not having fit players prior to important matches and thus the poor team results.

In the Malaysian lawn bowl team, it's totally different altogether. In the team, both Siti Zalina Ahmad while Norhashimah Ismail, have been suspended for 18 months and 12 months respectively by their Malaysian Lawn Bowls Federation ("MLBF").

Reasons given for their suspensions:-
* Siti Zalina Ahmad - alleged misconduct while undergoing training at the Bukit Kiara training centre here on 26 Oct where she was alleged to have got into a fight with another member of the team, attacked a MLBF official and refused to follow instructions from the coach.

Medals won / honours:-
- singles gold medal @ 1998 Commonwealth Games
- a singles and pairs gold @ 2008 Asian Lawn Bowls Championships
- Malaysian Olympian of the Year in 2002

- short listed for the 2008 Malaysian Sportswoman of the Year Award

* Norhashimah Ismail - allegedly failing to stop the fight and not acting as the captain of the women’s national team.

Medals won / honours:-
- team gold @ 2006 Commonwealth Games
- consecutive wins @ Asian Lawn Bowls Championships since 2001

But both players cried foul over their suspensions. Reasons for crying foul - she claimed that the real reasons for the action was because an official in MLBF was unhappy that she would not entertain that person’s request to “fix” a match to allow another player win a championship last year.

That's a serious allegation but till todate, MLBF or its officials has not responded to this allegation. Suspending the team captain for failing to stop a fight? First hearing such suspension. What were the other officials doing then? Only one official at that point of time? What about other coaching staff? No one else was there?

Here you have top quality players who have medals from top competitions and who are ready to play for the country ............. unfortunately such things happened. Are the two players telling the truth?

It doesn't stop there. Kamarul Aizad Othman, another lawn bowl player, has decided to quit the national team. Reason - feeling despaired by the action of a majority of MLBF officers and came forward to expose this to help my friends who had been victimised by a MLBF officer.

Medals won:-
- gold medal @ 2003 Asian Cup championship

My My ............... more to come ......

Another former national athlete, who requested not to be identified, claimed that he was also victimised by the officer and was forced to leave the national squad. "I have never sent a letter asking to leave the national squad, but the officer informed the MLBF president that I did," he said, adding that he did lodge a report with the federation, but no action was taken.

And hopefully this is the last from the lawn bowl national squad ........

A former athlete in the back-up squad, Noorazwin Ibrahim, claimed that the officer had forced her to "sell" a game during the 2006 Champion of Champions. She said she lodged a report on the matter with the NSC, but no action was taken against the officer.

I salute you, Kamarul Aizad Othman, for standing up for your friends!

Reading: I was suspended for refusing to fix match, says Siti Zalina - Star
Reading: Former National Lawn Bowls Athletes Claim Victimisation By MLBF Official - Bernama
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Anonymous renaye said...

it never crossed to me that sports also have politics. how annoying it is.

RYC: thanks for the information. i hope many more people would realise that! maybe in near future we would be having electricity ration.

05 April, 2009 18:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

renaye - that's why our sports will never stay up for long with non-pros ard

07 April, 2009 00:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malaysia Lawn Bowler suspension.

It was one of my proudest moment in Christchurch New Zealand to hear the Negara Ku played and the Malaysian flag hoisted when Malaysia won the lawn bowl ladies World Cup title here. It came as a shock to us to hear that Siti and Norshimah were suspended for an alleged incident which took place six months ago. Justice appears to have been done when the suspension was lifted a week ago, too late for them to play for Malaysia and possibly win in the Warilla World Cup held in Australia.

Having met Siti and Shimah in Christchurch where they spent nearly a month living in a modest motel two and three in a room made us realise how hard it is for these young players to adjust. They were away from their families, cooking themselves, and have little for recreation. The tension is understood, and the pressure from the coaches and management certainly increases the stress.

Siti and Shimah are acclaimed world-wide as "Queens of Lawn Bowls", their recorded achievement proves this. What is not known is that they are role models for the young players, outstanding ambassader for Malaysia and project such a regal and modest front for Malaysian females in the international arena.

Malaysian Bowl Federation must be in damage control now to rectify such bad publicity, these two girls have given the best part of their life for the betterment of Malaysian Bowls and they must be suitably rewarded

Uncle Joe from Christchurch New Zealand

27 April, 2009 10:10  

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