Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to Kandahar Town II

Part II
Many more goat meat being slaughtered 'freshly' and hung up at the stall for customers to choose their piece.

Lots of other stalls selling the same stuff and normally you'll tend to eat at the same store where you are comfortable with.

The market area where city folks drop by for their weekend meals. No proper road here ...... all desert area.

The opposite shops where they sell the same stuff.

Noticed a lady was cooking some meat at the side of our stall.

Another street vendor came in with his stuff. Products from the same country as well.

Peeked to the other side of the stall operator. More chairs and 'beds' than customers???

I called them 'beds' as you could lie down as you wait for your food or take a nap after having a heavy meal. You can't find this in Kuala Lumpur hehehe

Suddenly I realised that my fresh food was being brought to the same lady I saw earlier. She's my cook after all.

My portion was those still in raw colour on the other two hot plates. It's grill goat meat that we are going to eat.

Walked around the market area while my food was being grilled nicely. The donkey in front of me was carrying a large drum of water. Local Sudanese would just go to the drum and pick up a general cup and draw water from the small tap.

The general cup would be used by the general public (whoever) who is thirsty.

This guy was one of those street vendors too. Guess what was he selling?

He was selling cassette tapes (have not heard of cassette tapes before, go ask your older folks) and a music compo (don't know what's this? ask about this too) was blasting the music loudly.

All this on a wheelbarrow being pushed around the market. Saw two guys doing the same.

Another side of the market area as I walked around with a Sudanese friend (just in case you see).

Here comes the food yahooooooooooooo.

No fork, spoon or knife .......... bare fingers only.
What do we have here?

Part III to come .................

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Blogger bZbee said...

i'm amazed that your tummy can tolerate new food in a new my hubby' choice right? otherwise you've got nothing to eat...hehehe

10 April, 2009 09:05  
Blogger rosy said...

Foods looks so nice :) i mean the color..hehe

10 April, 2009 09:45  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I am sure you are glad that you don't live there for good! However your life's experience is rich and colourful indeed! So jealous me... LOL

10 April, 2009 11:57  
Blogger Kay Leaf said...

Wow~ Look delicious. Your life in Sudan very interesting.

10 April, 2009 14:32  
Blogger WanWan said...

i know what is cassette lo..
i think i cant stand the life there lo..

10 April, 2009 18:29  
Blogger fufu said...

wanna try the sudanese food!! bored with the freak authentic snacks in asia

11 April, 2009 00:07  
Blogger Nux V said...

the food looks good...but eating in such environment....aih, so sad...
i want air cond!

11 April, 2009 03:51  
Blogger Akira said...

Wow, what exotic food you're feeding on in Sudan. I'm not sure if I can tolerate the raw goat's liver. In fact I don't take mutton too. If I were there with you, I would only take vegetarians and leaave the rest.

Agree with Nux V, looking at your pics alone makes me really sweaty.

13 April, 2009 02:24  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bzbee - we have choices and it wld be those fast food again but then since we are overseas might as well join the locals to feel life here

rosy - oh the colour .... haha

twilight - coming from a much better developed country, definitely i don't wish to live here

kay - we made it interesting

wanwan - we try to enjoy our life as much as possible otherwise u'll feel homesick day in day out

fufu - hahaha ... its something different of course

nux v - air cond? at times must venture out

akira - i didnt touch that raw liver too. u'll have a nice body by the time u leave sudan bcuz u wld have skipped many meals haha

15 April, 2009 05:55  

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