Friday, April 17, 2009

Perodua Cars Being Ridiculed in UK

Top Gear has not only done a review on the Proton cars from Malaysia but also on the second national car manufacturer, Perodua. It didn't escape Top Gear's melancholic eyes.

What was Top Gear's verdict on the Perodua brands? Here goes nothing again (the following write-ups and pictures were sourced from Top Gear's website):-

It may be true that you get what you pay for, but it doesn’t follow that the cheapest cars are the best value. These appallingly under-developed, outdated and plain ugly offerings come from Malaysia’s least desirable brand. Think about it – that means even if you’re doggedly pro-Malaysia, you don’t have to buy one of these.

Perodua Kelisa
‘The cheapest car Malaysia’s cheaper manufacturer produces. Doesn’t fill you with confidence does it?’

The Perodua Kelisa may be the cheapest supermini on sale in the UK, but it will never feel like a bargain. A wheezy little engine, cramped interior, crappy plastics and truly rubbish styling leave you wondering who on earth actually buys this stuff.

An astonishing feat – Britain’s cheapest car is so humblingly bad it’s not even worth the pocket money it costs. So poor it deserves to benefit from the next Comic Relief.

Perodua Kenari
‘As much as we all want to cheer on the underdog, the Kenari deserves all the abuse it gets. An utter shambles.’

A deeply embarrassing car to be seen in, or near for that matter, but in truth the weird looking and weirdly named Perodua Kenari is actually quite capable and an undeniable bargain to boot.

Looks like it ought to have plenty of room inside but is actually pitifully cramped – like the Tardis in reverse. Except that the Tardis looks more like a car than this.

Perodua MYVI
‘A compelling argument for never learning to drive. Concerned fathers take note.’

Although they have made a far better fist of styling the Perodua Myvi than they did with the ridiculous Kelisa and Kenari, it still feels staggeringly cheap and lacks any trace of desirability.

Named after a classic ice lolly, but not as sweet, desirable or long lasting. Costs about the same though. There’s an old Toyota Yaris underneath. Get one of those instead.
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Blogger electronicfly said...

I've watched part of the show on Kelisa/Kancil (can't remember which), and zomg kena tembak 99. They compare it with a MiniCoop, of course la!

17 April, 2009 10:12  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Where is the Viva review?

17 April, 2009 21:37  
Blogger Bengbeng said...

shattered hops of conquering the British market. His review may b influential but with the economy as it it, its cheap price and low fuel consumption assuming bcoz of its size and weight, some may still buy it. it is indeed an enormous market indeed

17 April, 2009 22:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

electronicfly - hehehe, they follow the concept of "pls pick your own size"

borneo - not worthed their time to review?

bengbeng - yeah, at times people buy according to certain pro features of it. but at that same pricing, they really do have other options in UK

18 April, 2009 06:08  

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