Friday, April 10, 2009

Trip to Kandahar Town I

One of those wonderful trips in Sudan. Our Sudanese friends brought us to an obscure place .......... obscure to us of course, not them. The place that we were brought to was about 30-40 minutes drive from the city centre. It located somewhere around the Kandahar town.

Not far from the city centre, you'll see desert area already. Surprisingly I saw coconut trees???

You'll see houses made out of clay bricks.

Lots of tree trunks for sale at this market area called Libya Market. Such woods came from far away places ..... maybe south Sudan.

A number of shops were selling such woods.

The main mode of transport for smaller towns. You find such mode of transport in the city centre too.

In the city centre, the locals need to pay around 0.50 to 1 Sudanese Dinar for a journey up to 400m to 500m or even further. For us, once we flag one down, we have to negotiate the fare first before we board it.

For the same distance, we would be charged up to 3 Sudanese Dinar.

We arrived at the Souq Nagar market located at the Kandahar town. Our friends brought us to this shop where they always hang out almost every weekend in 2008.

I saw the lady owner preparing a dish for another customer.

Our gang was waiting patiently for the food. This is the only place in Sudan that has such large area of many stall operators selling various kind of meat dishes, i.e. goat meat in various cooking style hehe ....... camel meat (not served and not found in this market it seems).

Customers in this market are mainly from Khartoum city. They chose this place because the food here is very fresh.

That's how the stall looks like. Simple set-up only.

While seated inside the stall area, lots of street vendors will drop in. Our appearance (foreigners) has caught the locals' attention when we arrived.

This young chap just had everything that you need.

Torchlight, pen knive, screwdriver, wallet, cigarette lighter and many many many other smaller gadgets ........ all made in China goods.

Two of the items that caught my attention.

Guess the usage for it.

Went to the stall to see how this guy started to 'cut' those goat meat into smaller pieces. They sell by the kilograms. Don't know about the pricing as our local friends treated us.



Blogger Twilight Zone said...

Wow! That's primitive compared to the Old Klang Road wet market you patronized. No poultry and other meat there? I will freak out living there. Do they have fat people living there?

10 April, 2009 11:55  
Blogger fufu said...

wow...sudan?? great..never been to that continent yet...gonna plan out sooner =)

11 April, 2009 00:04  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - didnt notice any poultry but i heard that other stalls may have camel meat. they have many big size human beings here

fufu - if that's yr plan then opt for other better african countries hehe

13 April, 2009 00:10  

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