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Prices of Cars in Canada

One evening after work, we wanted to buy some groceries or simple food stuff from a supermarket but ended up at Ozone Cafe located across the other side of the city.

As it was only 6pm plus, I ordered a Strawberry Tart (7 Sudanese Dinar), a cup of Vanilla Milkshake (10 Sudanese Dinar) and a small bottle of Safia Pure Water (3 Sudanese Dinar). With this it's already around US$8.70.

Chocolate Truffle ordered by Nazril. I think it was 7 Sudanese Dinar too.

This cafe is situated at a large roundabout. There's parking within the place and if you were to come later at night, you may have to park and cross the road to come into this large roundabout.

Don't know why they would approve such a restaurant in the centre of a roundabout. I'ts quite dangerous for customers to run across the heavy traffic roads around it.

As we relaxing ourselves, I picked up The Gazette newspaper from Canada at their newspapers stand. It's outdated anyway. As I flipped through the newspaper, I felt sad for my fellow citizens of Malaysia.

Managed to take a few snaps of some advertisements for your viewing.

Firstly, the BMW 323i model in Canada is available at a monthly instalment of C$445. That too, your downpayment is around C$6,000++.

Bearing in mind that this monthly instalment rate is for a four year financial loan period, not a nine year loan period as found in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, you have to incur above RM2,000 per month for this BMW model for a nine year loan period. Malaysia priced it at RM338,000.

Next you could purchase the 2009 Honda Accord LX model at a monthly instalment of C$268. Maybe we can afford to purchase the Honda's four tyres with RM268 per month. Malaysia is selling the 2.0L model at RM136,800.

The 2009 Honda CR-V LX model is available at C$298 per month. In Malaysia, it's only RM147,800.

If at a dollar to dollar comparison, Canadians could afford to buy any car they want and replace their car within a short period of usage. At the rate of RM298 per month for example, we can't even afford to buy the cheapest national car of Malaysia.

Next few pages, the Nissan cars. You could obtain a 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback at C$159 for the monthly instalment payment.

Best of all, you could get yourself the 2009 Nissan Murano at a bargain price of C$21,898. In Malaysia, the price is going at a staggering price of RM370,000.

How come? Why deny us the privilege to drive such a nice car?

This 2009 Mazda 3 Sedan is being retailed at C$15,995 compared to Malaysia's retail price of RM133,515.

The Mini Cooper 2009, another latest model, is found in Canada at a best price of C$349 per monthly instalment. Very cheap in Malaysia for the rich and famous people of course, retailing at RM195,000 only.

Monthly instalment at nine long years, as permitted by banks, could be around RM2,000 with a 10% downpayment.

Any Malaysian would have been able to afford a Mercedes Benz.

The B170 model is being sold at C$23,900 compared to Malaysia's price of RM220,000.

The C-Class Merz is being retailed at C$24,900. The Merz C-200 Kompressor in Malaysia is being sold at RM238,888.

The mouth watering SLK Merz convertible ..... oh my ...... only C$41,900. In Malaysia, don't even dream about it with our salaries, the SLK200 Kompressor is being sold at RM468,888.

Ok, Ok, don't talk about expensive car models. Why don't we just compare it with much more affordable cars found in Malaysia.

The Toyota Yaris Hatchback in Malaysia is being sold between RM92,800 to RM98,800.

In Canada, it's being retailed between C$11,315. Beat that!

Why can't Malaysian car dealers sell at those prices? Simple answer is found on my two other blog postings about Proton and Perodua car models. The prices are jacked up in Malaysia using various taxes, direct or indirect, to protect the Malaysian car industry.

Ok, Ok, I would understand if we are protecting the Malaysian car but we are paying high prices for electrical goods too.

Say for instance, a LG 50 inch Full HD Plasma TV is being retailed at C$1,498.99. In Malaysia? It would be close to five figures for sure. Wrong?

Today's exchange rate for One Canadian Dollar = RM3.01. Just look at the big difference!

Please note that all car prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia are estimates only found at Car Standard website. So, don't quote me.

What about car prices in Sudan? It's almost similar pricing. Third world countries rely a lot on taxes and this would be their main source of income but for a much developed country like Malaysia .............. sigh.

That is why Malaysia has to produce mini cars like Proton Savvy and Perodua Kancil to please Malaysians who can't afford affordable cars.

In Sudan, there's only a few Petronas petrol station. Being Malaysian, when we are running out of petrol and if we are nearby, we wil pump Petronas petrol of course.

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Blogger WanWan said...

Definitely.. if comparison DOLLAR TO DOLLAR... here really expensive... I'm not talking about converting.. just RM1 in Malaysia and USD1 at USA for eg..

Here is freaking expensive.. That's y I bought SAVVY..

19 April, 2009 10:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

wanwan - yeah if we are comparing dollar to dollar, we are definitely paying way too much

19 April, 2009 16:28  
Blogger foongpc said...

yeah, it's all jacked up to protect the local car industry. If not, we all can afford the Merz already!

Also the taxes benefit the Government. That's why the high taxes on electrical goods too! Damn!

20 April, 2009 23:32  
Anonymous Canada Realtor said...

The prices for electronics and cars are generally much much lower in the US and Canada than anywhere else in the world. Europe has almost the same prices for cars as what you're talking about, you will not be able to afford a Merc almost anywhere in EU and yet in the US they are pretty cheap. I've always wondered what causes this but never really got it. Are the American cars made worse or something? Anyways, very nice article,

take care and good luck, Elli

21 April, 2009 20:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - well, if the taxes collected to improve the public transportation, people wld understand but its not getting any better

canada realtor - hmmmmm wonder why also ... inferior goods in usa? haha. that cannot be

25 April, 2009 23:09  

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