Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Casanova - movie review

Casanova – starring Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller & Jeremy Irons. The name Casanova is synonymous with playboy. Set-up to depict the Roman days and the movie was shot at the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. This guy was able to tempt any lady to fall for him till he was caught by the church. The church gave an ultimatum to him to get married by a certain date in order to stop his promiscuous lifestyle.

Co-incidentally, he bumped into a lady who was good in fencing and took a liking on her. Unfortunately, her fiancé (which her mom arranged to her disgust) was on the way to town to take her hand. Casanova has to steal the identity of a few persons in order to get near to same lady who also happened to be a controversial writer under someone’s else name. The Vatican authorities sent a bishop to arrest Casanova and the controversial writer. Typical storyline of a man going all out after a lady’s heart but with nice costumes and good scenic backgrounds.
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