Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Liquid Gold or Designer Water

The spring water under Canaqua brand is now the world's most expensive water. Canaqua comes from an underground aquifer spring in the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada, 1,200 feet above sea level. The source, which flows at a rate of 2,200 litres a minute, is untouched by air or any living thing before it is hydraulically pumped up 180 feet to be bottled. It will only run out if it never snows for 80 years in the mountains — an unlikely event. Canaqua water is rich in calcium and, unusually, virtually sodium-free which was a rare and added bonus.

Global price for a 475ml bottle of Canaqua costs:-
- Dh10 in Dubai (found in Harvey Nichols, in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai)
- £3 in London
- €6 in Paris
- €4 in Italy
- US$7 in Japan
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