Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Safest And Most Dangerous Cities

A list of the safest and most dangerous cities overall, as compiled by Morgan Quitno Press, which bases the rankings on FBI figures released in June. The list starts with the safest cities and ends with the most dangerous.

As per the list, St. Louis and Detroit have been listed as the most dangerous cities in USA. I could have forgiven these 2 cities' folks as it could been their baseball fans who had became a bit rowdy throughout the season as they celebrated their teams' advancements all the way to "world series" as per my earlier blog. Maybe some celebrations got out of hand and so happened, the people conducting the surveys were there ...... hehehe. Anyway, I still don't agree with the words "world series".
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Blogger Kate Thornton said...

I agree about the peculiar term, "world series" when only Amercian baseball teams are involved. Odd.

I want to tell you how much I enjoy your eclectic blog - loved the items about the Hong Kong robots and Alaskan seafood.

Thanks for blogging!

01 November, 2006 05:01  

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