Friday, October 13, 2006

Public Utilities in Sudan

On Wednesday here in Khartoum, after having the breaking fast dinner with my malay colleagues, it just surprised me that the water was not coming from the tap in the kitchen. We just left the plates there. Normally will sit down to chit chat while the food digest in my stomach.
Went to my room to listen to some music and then proceeded to my daily devotion. Therafter, a played a movie entitled Poseidon to pass time. And went to sleep with just 4 full 1 litre mineral bottles to clean up. Next morning, still no water!!!! Use another 3 bottles to wash up & brush teeth. Plenty of bottles in my toilet.

So, on Thursday, after a quick dinner, went for my nice bath to clean up 2 days of dirt ...... hahaha. That's not all. Thursday night - a night without electricity. But thank God that our house has an ever ready generator to start up the house electricity again. In Sudan, it's a necessity to have a generator for every house and office. And we must be fully stock up with enough diesel to run the generator too for as long as there is no electricity. Otherwise, back to square one.
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