Thursday, October 19, 2006

Choosing Running Shoes

Thought of starting your jogging exercise? Great features and design, the latest, top of the range ….. but it can hurt me (without me realizing it).

Time and again, in the course of our clinical practice, we have noticed that many of our patients were willing to spend good money on running shoes but were wasting that money on shoes which were either not suited to them or caused them aches, pains or injuries. As runners ourselves, this saddened us as we know that some of these pains and injuries could have easily been avoided or alleviated if they just knew how to choose the right shoes for themselves.

The On-Track Shoe Review incorporated a platform for getting runners to become aware of what kind of feet they have (surprised that you may have a particular type of feet?) and therefore help them make a better informed choice of their shoes without having to pay the price of aches, pain or injury, down the road. Try it out!
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