Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weather in Khartoum

Somehow I did notice that sunset in Khartoum was much earlier in the last 1 week. True enough when I walked out to the car this morning to go to work, I could feel the winter breeze blowing nicely onto my skin. Yes, winter is setting in in Sudan now. This could be the same winter that I've experienced in year 2004 which was about the same timing. Saw the temperature reading in the car (external) that showed 25 celcius degree. Otherwise, at 8am plus, it could be hitting 34 celcius anytime. So, it was a drastic drop indeed. I felt a bit cold during 5am plus that prompted me to off the air-cond while maintaining the ceiling fan to provide some breeze.

This winter will go on till February. It will be colder at night and could drop to 19 celcius. Winter in Sudan? Sounds weird in the desert region but it does happen. It's going to be a real dry winter as I could feel that my back is getting itchy daily.
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