Friday, October 13, 2006

Stick It - movie review

Stick It – starring Missy Peregrym, Vanessa Lengies & Jeff Bridges. A notorious/rebellious teenager lady was again impeded for her unwarranted behaviour. In the court, she was sentenced to a strict gymnastic academy. It seems that she was a former national gymnast but her character got the better of herself. Initially, she thought her assigned coach was purposely tough on her due to her background. Her team mates didn’t look up to her as her attitude was always pissing people off. As time passed by, she put efforts into her training and was chosen to represent her academy in a competition. A team mate who didn’t like her sabotaged her strategy and got 2 other team mates to go against her. Devastated, she left the competition.

Few years ago, she was remembered as the gymnast who ditched her performance that caused the national team to lose their medal hopes. Subsequently, at another national championship, she found friends due to her strong stand against the panel of judges who were not consistent with their method of awarding points. All the competitors bonded together and I had a good laugh at the judges’ reactions. Though the movie was without any big stars, it’s still worth your time. It showed us determination can get us anywhere and a failure is not a loser until he/she gives up totally.
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