Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poseidon - movie review

Poseidon – starring Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell & Richard Dreyfuss. This Poseidon was set for sailing to celebrate the New Year’s eve party. Movie began with party goers at the main ballroom catered mainly for adults. Younger generation would be found at the disco avenue. Not long into the movie, a “seldom occur” type of wave hit the big ship and it turned upside down. Our heroes/heroines took big steps to look for the exit. While almost all of the party goers stayed put.

One of the brave ones had to look for his daughter at the disco spot and found her safe with her boyfriend, who had just proposed to her. With that, their journey to safety throughout was definitely filled with suspense and full of thriller. I was sitting at the edge of my chair, with my legs on the table, worrying for them each occasion. As everything was upside down, lots of blockages and leakages became their obstacles. The ship was sinking fast at the same time and time was not to their advantage. Even the group of heroes/heroines was not spared their lifes. This is one of the top movies I have seen in terms of its suspense. FYI, this movie had the services of 2 main stunt co-ordinators and 65 stuntmen/women. Just imagined what was acted out.
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