Friday, October 27, 2006

Least Expensive City

Kuala Lumpur is the least expensive city in the world for Western tourists.
A survey of 71 cities worldwide by Swiss banking giant UBS found that Malaysia's capital has the most competitive prices when it comes to food, electronic goods, clothes, public transport, hotel rates and entertainment.

* A five-star hotel room in Kuala Lumpur costs an average US$150 (RM551) compared to with US$450 (RM1,647) for a similar room in New York. The most expensive is Tokyo, where the rate is US$510 (RM1,866).
* For a room in a two- or three-star hotel, the rate in Kuala Lumpur is about US$50 (RM183), compared with US$250 (RM915) in New York.
* It found that one only has to pay US$260 (RM951) for the package in Kuala Lumpur compared with US$920 (RM3,367) in New York. The most expensive city in this category is London where the cost is US$1,180 (RM4,318).
* Taxi fares in Kuala Lumpur are also one of the cheapest in the world at US$1.60 (RM5.88) for a 5km trip within the city. A similar trip in New York costs US$11.60 (RM42).
* Food prices in Kuala Lumpur are considerably lower than in other cities, with a three-course meal in a good restaurant costing US$12 (RM44) for one person. (Other sources: City Mayors: Economics)
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