Friday, October 20, 2006

River Nile Cruise

On Wednesday evening, my Khartoum office organised a dinner (breaking fast for the muslims & known as iftar in arabic) in view of the Ramadan month. Invited quite a number of guests. The dinner was to be held on a boat that will cruise the Nile river.
Managed to capture the sunlight beaming through the cloud. This is the boat that we are supposed to board. 2 boats were tied together to create more space. Initially, the 2 boats didn't move in tandem while leaving the so-called jetty. The river we are on is the Blue Nile river. It will join up with the White Nile further downstream that will flow all the through Egypt up in the north into the Mediterranean Sea.
Supposedly to be blue but it's like Brown Nile to me.
I'm the one in black t-shirt on the left. We were there earlier so we took our place under the open spaced section of the boat. For better ventilation purpose.
Not that we are restricting people on our part of the boat. Somehow, the locals do gather amongst themselves first. This picture was taken before the full attendance. And I mean really full.
One of the local delicacy is "foul" pronounced more as fool. No!, you won't become a fool after gulping it down your throat. Not much of taste but the locals do like it. Only took a tiny weeny portion of it.
A local group of singers was employed to render out arabic songs. They were seated together with my colleagues but we didn't know the were the singers until they stood up there. Communication breakdown ...... you see, we no speaking arabic.
A picture taken at night, on up & coming high class hotel. A hotel reputedly to be owned by the Libya's President's son. Still under construction.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johny... Thanks for the comment... Just saw it today... yeah, they are my own poems... Why? Are u aware of any place / person / rock group that is seeking lyrics...? Take care, and keep blogging!


21 October, 2006 00:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for saying that, it was very nice. (spring forward, fall back down)

21 October, 2006 16:54  

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