Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yours, Mine & Ours - movie review

Yours, Mine and Ours – starring Dennis Quaid & Rene Russo. Real comedy right from the beginning where it started with a family (of 8 kids) moving house again due to their dad’s occupation in the US Navy. Meantime, another lady who was trying also to manage her household of 10 children. I didn’t mention about their spouse? Both of them were single parent family.

Co-incidentally, both this man and lady knew each from their college school days and almost got married to each other. After finding out that each person’s spouse had passed away, they got their families together and got ALL of them to move into a real large house which has a lighthouse too. My my my ….. you would have guessed how did the story go by now…….both set of kids couldn’t see each other eye to eye. Battles do happen in the house quite often. The couple in the thought they got together too fast and a big argument erupted due to the kids’ behaviour. Good comedy throughout the movie and the movie did end up with a happy ending and showed us how the 18 children came together in one heart to put everything back into order for their parents.
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