Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pizzas in Malaysia

The Malaysian fast food industry has drawn another new competitor recently. The current pizza restaurants in Malaysia, Pizza Hut, Shakey's Pizza & Domino's Pizza (did I miss others) are currently enjoying their big piece of the cake but seeing that the cake was still big enough, a new entrant moved in real fast.

In a short period, this pizza chain has opened up 6 outlets within the Klang Valley area. It's none other than Canadian Pizza from Canada.

FYI, it's not from Canada but from down south of Malaysia, Singapore. Surprised? It started with one outlet in Singapore in 1995, having up to 25 outlets now and expanded into the Indonesian market. Haven't try it yet but I have received its pamphlet already. They have delivery service too but their delivery timing is minimum 1 hour compared to Pizza Hut's maximum of 1 hour.

Want to see how to order a pizza in 2010? Click the link as below and see. Turn up the volume. Listen closely and watch the screen and pointer carefully. You may laugh and say this is funny, but it could happen. The technology is already there. Not as far fetched as it seems. The only thing which makes it seem unreal is that the telephonist hasn't got an Asian accent. Go on, check it out -

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