Sunday, May 13, 2007

African Night (II)

A great happening at my church where the Nigerian congregation came together to present the African Night of praise and worship - Nigerian style of course.

Started off with some slow songs.
And their choir team was next.
Up came 3 young kids. The girl on the left is 13 yrs old while the other 2 were 12 years old. They have full confidence while belting out their song "Melody in My Heart".
Christian rap song by 2 Nigerian brothers.
Back to praise & worships session with the singers in their colourful attires.
A portion of the crowd.
Offering boxes were left in the front and as the praise session was going on, the congregation moved out from their seats and gave their offering. It was over flowing.
Men dancing while swinging their hankies. Sort of a tradition.
The crowd having warmed up earlier are moving to the front enjoying the Nigerian beat.
A group of Nigerian guys dancing together.
The crowd is up on their feet now!!! The Nigerian beat - hard to resist.
Nothing's going to stop them from making a joyful noise unto the Lord.
Another rapper belting out his song for God.
In their traditional costumes, a group dance was performed. They really know how to shake their bodies.
A lady in her traditional attires.
The event started at 6pm and ended at 10pm. Four hours of non-stop music. In the middle of it, a message was shared by a student.
The talk amongst them now is about the next African Night. Nigerians from other churches came as well. The attendance was easily at about 250 people, majority Nigerians of course. With such response on the 1st time, I'm sure the next African Night will be an explosion.
Feedback received was that the Nigerians really felt that they were back in Nigeria yesterday night.
Not forgetting our brother, Shaun, who brought along his traditional costume while studying in Malaysia. I would all the Nigerians in our church are only students. No matter how far they were from home, the God they worship in Nigeria is the same in Malaysia.
A night to remember indeed for them and for me, it was enriching.



Blogger zeezee said...

Nvr expected so many Nigerians in KL.

14 May, 2007 21:57  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

that's why my kl frens said i will feel at home in the church when i'm back to kl.

18 May, 2007 14:43  

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