Tuesday, May 29, 2007


A new blog advertiser has entered the blogosphere to grab its own slice of the cake. Who's that?Advertlets has made the advertising interesting where the host blogger can comment on those featured ad/polls. For blog readers, they could participate in polls. Please do participate. My Advertlets is located on the left column of my blog, just below my profile.

As for bloggers, we would be able to generate some returns too. Besides that, bloggers could also be paid to review products and services from advertisers. At the same time, Advertlets would make the advertisements relevant to our blog readers. This would be a good way for bloggers to link with Advertlets where we could earn additional income while blogging away daily.

With this link to Advertlets, I hope that it could generate more traffic to my blog and allow blog readers to have some interactive time while reading my blog.

Those who wish to participate, please e-mail: info@advertlets.com with the subject “Advertlets Review!” Advertlets is giving RM50 each away to 300 Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers, just for you to review our service on your blog!
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