Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Late Christmas Celebration

Normally some events were postponed due to unforeseen circumstances but to go against the world's calender to celebrate a worldwide event was too much.

In Democratic Republic of Congo, a particular sect celebrates Christmas Day itself on 25 May, yeah just 5 days back only. Weird????? Why is that so?

Main Reason: Members of the Kimbanguist Church believe Jesus Christ was born on 25 May and not 25 December. I'm not confused by them but I'm confused by the World Council of Churches ("WCC")

Kimbanguist Church is a member of WCC and I wasn't able to verify their membership status as todate as WCC has questioned Kimbanguist Church's teachings (under Membership paragraph in the linked website) in one of their Executive Committee meeting held in Aug 2004.

The church has around 3 million believers, mainly concentrated in central Africa. It was founded in 1921 by Simon Kimbangu, a self-styled healer and prophet, who was educated by Baptist church missionaries in the west of what was then the Congo Free State. In 1999 the leaders of the Kimbanguist church decided that after several prophetic "revelations", Christmas should be celebrated on 25 May instead of in December. (source: BBC News/Africa)
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