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Travel Precaution - Black Magic

Received this via an email & wondering how true is the following tale:-

Moral of the story : Don't easily trust people.

Hi friends,
It is the year-end, which is one of the peak traveling periods for many Singaporeans. This is a true account that I would like to share as a cautionary tale. I have changed the names of people involved to protect their identities. Although it takes place on an overseas vacation, the warning applies equally whether abroad or at home.

Jessie was in her early thirties and like many of us loved to travel and her last trip was to Taiwan . While visiting one of the tourist attractions in Taiwan located near a temple, she decided to get a souvenir for herself.

She walked along the shops with curious eyes. A well-dressed sales man managed to catch her attention. He asked her what year she was born. She answered politely. He further pursued to ask her the month she was born. "June," she replied. As she answered, there was a sparkle in the man's eye. He quickly pulled out an item and put it in Jessie's hand and she looked at it. It was a small-sculpted stone, but Jessie could not make out what the item was. The man, with a serious tone told her that this small ornament was a very powerful item that could grant all her wishes, but she was not to tell anybody, not even her closest friends, boyfriend or parents that she had this ornament in her possession. He informed her to bring this item wherever she went and not to allow anybody to touch it. Jessie was thrilled and thought she had stumbled upon a great deal as the item seemed very precious. She asked for the price and paid for the item.

Vacations like always were too short and she returned to Singapore. On the day that she returned, she felt very exhausted as if the life was draining out of her. She thought that it was due to the traveling and excitement and did not bother too much about it. She went to take a nap and as she rested, she started to feel an ache in her stomach that grew into a continuous sharp pain. By nightfall, the suffering was so intense that she went hysterical.

She crawled to the altar in her home and started to hit her head against the altar. Her parents were shocked with her actions. Her father held her tightly, to prevent her injuring herself while her mother called for an ambulance. Strangely enough, in the midst of all the pain and before she left with the ambulance, Jessie insisted that she had to bring along her handbag before leaving for the hospital. When she was sent to the hospital, it was already dawn and she was sent for different tests and scans to determine the cause of her pain. The sharp pain persisted and even got more intense. Her Aunt Maggie heard the news that she was hospitalized and came to visit her. While Aunt Maggie was with her, Jessie thought about letting her employers know of her condition and hoped Aunt Maggie could contact them on her behalf.

She took out her handbag and pulled out a pen to write the number on a piece of paper. As she pulled out the pen, the small ornament, which Jessie had bought from Taiwan , dropped on the floor. Aunt Maggie wanted to pick it up but Jessie stopped her. She said if Aunt Maggie were to touch it, she would have to have it cleansed. While Jessie was not looking, Aunt Maggie quickly picked the ornament up and kept it. When Aunt Maggie was out in the hallway, she scrutinized it. The ornament sent shivers down her spine and she was very uncomfortable with the item so she decided to talk to Jessie's mother.

On the third day, the doctors informed Jessie's parents that they had confirmed that Jessie suffered from stomach cancer that had reached the terminal stage and they had to prepare for the worst. Jessie's parents were not able to understand this sudden diagnosis, as Jessie had not had any symptoms of stomach cancer. When Aunt Maggie went to the hospital and met with Jessie's mother, Jessie's mother broke the news to Aunt Maggie. Aunt Maggie was shocked and also shared her discovery of the ornament with Jessie 's mother. Jessie's mother also had an uneasy feeling when she saw the ornament. She felt very lost and desperate about her daughter's situation.

Jessie's mother and Aunt Maggie both knew of a medium; Master Lim and it struck both of them that he might shed some light as to the events. Aunt Maggie quickly called to arrange to meet Master Lim. When they visited Master Lim, they showed the ornament to Master Lim. At one glance, he told them that Jessie's life had been swapped with that of another girl who was probably suffering from stomach cancer and was dying. The ornament was an object to hold black magic, which would suck the life out of Jessie.

Both Jessie's mother and Aunt Maggie queried whether there was anything that could be done. He replied that it was too late as the black magic cast was very powerful and the ornament had been discovered too late. The black magic was targeted with certain criteria: The victim had to be a girl who was born in a specific year and month. The black magic would lose its power if other people apart from Jessie touched it. However, in Jessie's case the black magic had already taken full effect and had become uncontrollable.

Thus, only direct family members were to be allowed to visit her and even to send her off at her wake. The strange ornament was left at the temple to be handled and disposed of appropriately.
Silently, and with great pain, Jessie left by the seventh day on her return from her vacation.

Things to look out:-
1. Usually you would not be instructed to keep it a secret about buying anything, unless magic is involved.

2. It is untrue that other people apart from the owner cannot touch blessed items. People that you are comfortable with can handle the blessed items. Of course, it is not a good idea to let strangers or anybody who you are not comfortable with to touch any of your closely held items.

3. It is quite common for people to ask what year you are born in when you are selecting items to suit your animal sign. If it is only to deal with Chinese animal signs, they do not need to ask for your birth month. If your birth month is requested for, you can always ask which theories they are following. For example, when selecting crystals and minerals according to astrology, we will need to know what is the birth month and day.

4. Do not buy closely held items or jewelry from non-creditable people, shops or organizations.

5. Many people may have the misconception that black magic can only be cast on them if their eight characters (birth year, month, day and time) are known. Eight characters are not necessary to cast black magic on a specific person. (I have heard of this tale before in not revealing your birth year, month, day and time as it will allow black magic to be cast on you)

I have shared this true account as a caution to all that it is important to exercise care when buying items, especially closely held items. It is important to know whom you are buying from, where you are buying from and what you are buying. Do not take things too lightly; else there may be much to loose.

After reading the above, I had some doubt about it. The writer didn't say that Jessie has revealed how she got the ornament. If this story is just a tale, it's a good story/tale then. Eerie!
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