Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yahoo Photos to Shut Down

News is flying around that Yahoo will be shutting down Yahoo Photos, an online photo storage/sharing.

Yahoo Photos will request its existing users to use Yahoo Flickr instead. Looks like tens of millions of users under Yahoo Photos will be migrated over to Flickr later on. Tremendous transfers which may slow down the up/downloading of photos in Yahoo Flickr later on. (source: Yahoo! News)

Can see that many bloggers were already linked to their respective Yahoo Flickr photos in their blogs. Yahoo Photos will be assisting its existing users to transfer their photos not only to Flickr but even to its competitors.

Looks like Yahoo is consolidating its users and wish to catch up with their competitors hold on photo storage site. Yahoo Photos' share of the users is approximately 5.8% of the USA market whereas Flickr is only at 4.5%.
The top site is currently held by PhotoBucket with 40% market share now. (source: Hitwise U.S. Web audience data)



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