Saturday, May 12, 2007

Energy Drink - Cocaine

With mind and heart concentrating on $$$$$$$$$, a drink manufacturer in USA, Redux Beverages LLC, produced an energy drink called "Cocaine Energy Drink". Of course it has nothing to do with the real cocaine drug. 1,100 milligrams of caffeine, slightly more than a large Starbucks coffee. The name doesn't matter as long as it brings in money/profit to the company - that's their main criteria. Redux will be going to court to fight for its right in using the said name.

Meantime, due to pressures from US Food Drug Administration (FDA), Redux will come out with a new name/label soon. Redux tried to inform Yves Saint Laurent ("YSL") that they might be hunted down next as YSL has a fragrance called Opium. Will FDA act on YSL?

In a humorous way, Redux has placed a notice (as seen on left side) in their website to signify the demise of its energy drink.

Reading: 'Cocaine' energy drink to change name after pressure by 'the man' - Yahoo News!

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Blogger zeezee said...

juz heard of this 'cocaine' thingy from my colleague. Hehe.. then i read it here!

12 May, 2007 22:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

the company will be producing its drink under a new name i.e. CENSORED

13 May, 2007 18:01  

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