Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Airbus A380

Airbus A380 - first flight opened to selected public, mainly reporters, travel critics, potential/existing airlines customers and cronies...hehe

Wondering which class are they showing us in this pictures.
This is definitely the Business Class. Would be very sure that the people in this section would have given a good rating. Most of the airlines would advertise how good are their First/Business classes, the sort of comfort, design, space or service available for their passengers. What about the Economy Class passengers? They didn't pay for their airfares?
The food selection should be nice especially when you are being watched on the first flight. Must keep their mouth 'shut'.
ah.........makes me sleepy now....yawnnnnn
Just as the first flight was being monitored by stakeholders, another A380 unit is being re-designed and re-decorated internally by a rich magnate. Imagine an A380 could fit in hundreds of passengers but this rich magnate was trying to cater this airplane for his entourage only.
First class furnitures & fittings! You won't feel the jet lag in this plane.
Really exclusive. Just like the Flying Palace that I was blogging about.

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