Saturday, May 26, 2007

Broadway Parodies Lah!

Another broadyway show in store for Malaysia? Yeah, why not. This broadway performance will be staged from 24 May to 3 June. Catch it when you can at The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Malaysian Spoofs of Songs from the Musicals. With sikit pinjam konsep from the Western "Forbidden Broadway" spoofshow, The Actors Studio proudly presents "Broadway Parodies Lah!", a rich rojak of slices of Malaysian life garnished with a big splash of humour and served up on a platter of great songs. And with a hugely talented cast, fantastic Broadway style choregraphy and both live and computer sequenced musical backing, BPL is a Malaysian feast of spoofs that is sure to fill your stomachs with laughter!

Sample Song Titles:-
Chicken with the Chili on Top ("Surrey with the Fringe") / Bodoh Lah ("Do Re Mi")
Damansara ("Oklahoma!") / Hello Datin ("Hello Dolly")
The Bomoh of the Bursa ("The Phantom of the Opera") / We Must Play Golf All Day ("I Could Have Danced All Night")

Musicals Production Director and Writer: Brian McIntyre
Conceived by: Jason Cheong and Edna Tan / Executive Producer: Datuk Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham / Choreography: Farah Sulaiman
Featuring: *Douglas Lim (actor, comedian - Kopitiam, Broken Bridges)
*Joanne Kam Poh Poh (veteran performer and comedienne, Broken Bridges)
*Doreen Tang (delightful voice! M! The Opera, numerous shows)
*Ho Soon Yoon (actor, singer [Broken Bridges], conductor [In The Mood])
*Sabrina Hassan (TV and stage performer - Anjung Budi, PGL)
*Kyra Dani (TV and stage actress - Each Other, Forum)
*Glamorique Arshad (veteran performer - Mikado, Stand and Deliver, Jalan Impian)
*Cheryl Tan (terrific young talent, huge voice - Six Characters in Search)
*Ivan Choong (tremendous new vocal talent)



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