Saturday, May 26, 2007

Controversial Penalty on Subway Users

With the merging of both MTR Corporation (urban mass transit railway system) and Kowloon-Canton Railway (railway service between Hong Kong and southern China), the new management for the new entity (upon merger) may issue new by-laws for commuters. Both MTR and KCRC control a large section of the public transportation. By merging these 2 transportation companies, economics of scale will benefit them.

The lawmakers in Hong Kong are now worried with the new proposal as it may cause lots of Honkies to be jailed and this may 'derail' the merger plan. I think the new by-laws should be implemented in Malaysia as well but the same issue will arise - many Malaysians will be jailed/penalised as Malaysians' conduct are not as good also. What are the new by-laws like????

Here goes the list (exchange rate approx. HK$1,000 = US$130):-
* HK$5,000 plus 6 months' imprisonment for use of foul language;
* HK$5,000 plus 3 months in jail for loitering, busking or transporting pets;
* maximum fine of HK$2,000 for queue jumping;
* HK$5,000 fine and 6 months' imprisonment for unauthorized structures;
* HK$5,000 fine for the wrong use of ticket-vending machines;
* HK$5,000 fine for failure to obey directions inside a train carriage;
* HK$5,000 fine for placing feet on seats;
* HK$5,000 fine and 6 months' imprisonment for causing a fire hazard;
* HK$5,000 fine for playing a musical instrument or radio or cassette recorder;
* HK$5,000 for taking on board prohibited items;
* HK$5,000 for entering or exiting by improper means;
* HK$5,000 and 6 months' jail for soliciting for handling goods or luggage;
* HK$5,000 and 3 months' jail for displaying unauthorized materials or loitering; and
* HK$5,000 and 6 months' jail for flying objects endangering operations.

After reading the above, am I correct that lots of Malaysians will cry if such by-laws are implemented here as well. At times, people will only act properly when they know that they'll be penalised heavily otherwise who cares! The above new by-laws will require Hong Kong's lawmakers' approval before it can be implemented that will affect the general public. 6 June 2007 - the D-day for the decision.
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