Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bible - An Indecent/Violent Book?

At first, the Bible was used as an assault item in a fight.

Now, the Bible has been cited in the Hong Kong's court calling for the book to be labelled as an obscene/indecent/violent book that those below 18 years old could not buy. In Hong Kong, when a book is listed in such category, it has to be wrapped up (similar to Playboys magazine) to prevent people from flipping through it.

An anonymous website known as Truthbible, has placed the following banner:-
Can't understand the rest of the website's content (bananaman!). I'm sure it did mention more about the reason behind the said banner. From other readings, Truthbible did mention that the Bible contains "rape, cannibalism and violence in both the Old and New Testament" and so it was deemed obscene/indecent/violent.

The above situation could have arose from the situation where a Hong Kong univeristy's student magazine had published certain indecent stories. Subsequently, the Obscene Articles Tribunal ’s (OAT) has called for a ban on the student magazine. Thereafter, OAT and Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) have received more than 2,300 complaints about the Bible calling for similar ban describing a number text or verses that depicts obscenity.

The 2,300 people would have been the students from that particular university. A uniformity displayed here just to fight for their cause but dragged the religious book into controversy. Does the Quran book and other faiths' religious books depict similar text/verses?
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