Wednesday, May 23, 2007

SMS Scam

READ THIS SERIES if you are a mobile user!

Teaser: 3xxxx short code and SMS scam
SMS Scam ( 1 ): Explain this, Maxis
SMS Scam ( 2 ): It's an organised white-collar crime
SMS Scam ( 3 ): Let the suffering fools speak
SMS Scam ( 4 ): The bad boys... Celcos? CPs? MCMC?
SMS Scam ( 5 ): The 'Copy & Paste' version of Maxis Preventive Gateway
SMS Scam ( 6 ): Let the suffering fools speak, sgain
SMS Scam ( 7 ): Transcript - Rosli Shukor's parting shot at MPG on May 14
SMS Scam ( 8 ): MPG API - Now you see (May 15), now you don't (May 16)!
(source: Screenshots, 22 May)

Please do check your phone bills at month end to note the following:-

(source: Screenshots)
If you have been receiving SMS spams from your telcos or third party content providers via the 33xxx short codes, please be aware of your bills or check your prepaid balance (for those with prepaid numbers).

If you are having a prepaid number, sorry for you as you won't have any proof to say that you have received unwanted chargeable SMS as there are no bills/records.

Check to see what has been reported above is true or not.
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