Sunday, May 20, 2007

Estonia Attacked !!!

Reports have gone out that Estonia, a newly accepted European Union member, has been attacked. Not hit by any missiles or rockets or invaded by enemies.

  • Estonia's whole internet system was down nationwide since end April 2007. Both NATO IT specialists and Estonia top 300 IT specialists were rushed to salvage the situation.
Estonia has suspected Russia behind the cyber attack which Russia has denied their involvement. Why was Russia singled out? It seems that Russian was not pleased in a controversy removal of a monument dedicated to Soviet soldiers in the capital city of Tallinn. Russia has even called for economics blockade on Estonia due to the removal of the monument. What a farce!!!

For Estonia, such removal is a removal of 50 years of Soviet oppression. But why previous Soviet issues could still trigger such anger from Russia? Was Russia top government officials trying to intimidate Estonia, a country with only a population of 1,500,000? Surprisingly, Russians leaving in Estonia came out to protest and riot began.

Next thing, came the non-access to internet and emails system on the same rioting day. Life in the country was disrupted for the last 3 weeks, entire state administration was paralyzed, banks came to a standstill and companies had to freeze their operations.

This is how bad it could be in a cyber war. Nuclear bombs are not required anymore. North Korea and Iran may want to import such cyber war knowledge in future. (source: ABC News)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody is paralyzed here, dude :) Everything works quite ok, some websites (including two major e-banking interfaces) are taken down for couple of hours but we CAN live without public Internet for that long :)

20 May, 2007 04:37  
Blogger hwen said...

I wonder whether World War III will be a cyber one... If it is so, we're doomed!

20 May, 2007 12:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i believed the anonymous commenter came from talinn of estonia. thks for the update on estonia's situation. hopefully everything will be revived back to normal operations.

21 May, 2007 00:41  

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