Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3 - movie review

Spiderman 3 - starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst & Thomas Haden Church. Have blog about the Spiderman 3's trailer way back in July 2006. Watched this movie last Wednesday at Imax Theatre located 10th Floor, Berjaya Times Square. Extremely giant screen (a movie screen towering 5-storeys high, surrounded by 12,000 watts of digital surround sound) and it cost RM15 per person (around US$4.40). Intended to watch it on Tuesday but was fully sold out on first day of screening. Bought the ticket for the following day i.e. Wednesday.

Here goes - Peter Parker still his usual self, falliing head over heels for his girl, Mary Jane. His nemesis or his good old friend, still blames him for killing his dad. He took over his dad's Goblin equipments and hunted Peter down. During a chase, he was knocked out cold and forgotten about his anger towards Peter and old friendship began again.

Meanwhile M.J. lost her job as a theatre show's main singer and somehow lost interest in Peter as he was not around when she needed someone to care for her. As for Peter, a creepy crawling from outer space somehow got stucked with his spidey outfit and turned Peter into a power crazy superhero. His whole suit turned into black colour.

Meantime, a man running away from the law was caught in a scientific research and got contaminated. His body was able to ................... (go watch the movie to find out) and in his mindset to cure his daughter's sickness, he took advantage of his situation and grabbed monies. Spiderman has to appear to stop his notorious acts.

A newbie photographer who wanted a staff job in Peter's office was somehow thrown out of his work as his dirty scheme in capturing a spidey photo was found to be a fake. Who exposed him? It was Peter in his black suit. This guy found it to be so humiliating and a vengeance for Peter developed. Remember about that creepy crawly thingy...... Peter managed to discard it from his body and of all places, it dropped onto the newbie photographer. With the new found strength and anger against Peter, he became Spiderman's foe too.

In the end, it's almost like the Sodom & Gomorrah cities cited in the Bible. All out confrontation and you may not like the ending. An unexpected reaction from Goblin as well.

It seems that the latest Spiderman 3 has broken many records in worldwide screenings. A US$250 million production, it has recouped its initial capital outlay and has sold US$375 million worth of tickets worldwide (US$125 million - North America & US$227 million in other 107 markets).
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