Friday, October 19, 2007

Camera is Rolling Already

Yeah ........ the camera is hitting the road and going places to get our dramas on video. Our brother Kerk is the man behind the scene. Together with my co-director, Lud Lee, we arranged for a shooting at Vista Kiara condo located at Mont Kiara.

Preparations started prior to 6pm and ended at 8pm plus and the outcome was only a 2minutes 50seconds video........ manyak susah..... toil and sweat but the outcome was so little but we were satisfied. The fun we had, the laughter, the excitement, the tense moments, the quiet moments (during shooting) .... was worth it all .... like how Mastercard advertised - priceless!

The husband & wife team was depicting a conman and a corporate lady having a dinner arranged by a matchmaking agency. Bear with pictures as it was taken by a camera phone at 2MP at 7pm plus.

As for tomorrow night, we are hitting Mutiara Damansara area. Will be shooting in a boutique shop in Cineleisure Damansara (next to The Curve) followed by another scene in a karaoke. Then karaoke all the way???

All 5 dramas will be acted live on stage and certain parts of each of the drama will be in videos. All in the month of December, each Sunday and Christmas Day. Of course, you are invited too!
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Anonymous cindy said...

Wow, that must be interesting! :D

19 October, 2007 03:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

oh yes......everyone looked forward to it

22 October, 2007 10:02  

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