Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CIMB Cheque Deposit Machine

One month ago, I made payment for my credit cards at CIMB Bank Berhad's branch located at City Square Shopping Centre. As requested by the bank officer, I proceeded to bank in my cheque at their cheque deposit machine. I told the officer that the time printed on the receipt paper was wrong and he said he would get it fixed. I deposited at 1pm plus but the time printed was about 5pm plus.

On that payment date, it was already one day passed the deadline and knowing there will be some slight finance charges on the late payment.

On the next two days, I noticed that the said cheque has not been cleared from my current account. I went to the bank and enquired about to which the bank officer said "there must be a delay at the cheque clearance dept in CIMB Bank". It took one week to clear my cheque.

This month, I have to pay additional finance charges imposed by CIMB Bank for their mistake. I was late for one day but CIMB Bank took another six days to clear my cheque. Good thing my usage for the month was quite low and the finance charges caused by CIMB Bank's negligence were minimal i.e. around RM5.00 (my own estimation, could be more). The issue was not the amount as I have already paid for it just now but the principal lying behind their advertisements and promotions.

And when I made the payment today, the officer behind the counter said next time I could deposit the cheque at their cheque deposit machine. I said "No thank you as your bank didn't clear my cheque and delayed it for a week to which I'm paying additional finance charges through no fault of mine". The lady officer at the next counter laughed about it and said "Dia bimbang tak clear lagi". So, was it happening frequently?

CIMB Bank can continue to claim how big they are, how much deposit they are getting via their wealth management division and expanding regionally but they can't even handle a small thing like this.

Maybe because I'm not a member of the CIMB Club which caters for the rich and famous (membership conditions as below) who will "enjoy highly personalised service" as quoted in their website.

CIMB Club - exclusive invitation for:
* Individual depositor with a credit balance of RM150,000 and above.
* Individual Unit trust investor with an investment amount of RM100,000 and above purchased through the bank.
* Individual mortgage customer with a good track record and facilities of RM500,000 and above.
* New mortgage customers with facilities of RM500,000 and above.
* Individual holding a credit card with a limit of RM75,000 and above with good track record.
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Blogger PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

If you read some of my previous post, CIMB sucks!!!

01 November, 2007 23:06  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

my only dealing with is credit card

02 November, 2007 02:05  

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