Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Proposal to Mary

I have blogged about scam emails or those hoax stories/urban legend that circulate round the whole world without anyone verifying how true were they. And now, I have received another one where a guy, purportedly trying to propose to his girl, is using the email system to circulate a proposal, hoping that it would reach her. It has a proper website set up for it as well. It could be a hoax to see how good was the response towards such an email.

In that website, there are no advertisements so it's not a method generated to earn money indirectly by diverting traffic to it. Check it out for yourself.
You could help me a lot to spread my proposal to Mary - it is important that it is distributed as widely as possible so that it eventually reaches Mary. If you would like to support my proposal to Mary, please send the following text by email to a lot of people :-)

------------- SNIP (email text follows) ---------------
For a long time I have tried to find a special way to propose marriage to my girlfriend Mary, whom I know for five years now. I wanted it very special, romantic and memorable, something our grandchildren would still remember.

And here is my idea: I will send out the proposal to Mary to 50 complete strangers, people I don't know - hoping, that they will forward my proposal to many people, which in turn forward it again etc. And some day, I hope, it will reach Mary, after it has travelled a very long way. I know, it will take a long time and I am quite nervous.

From the poem my Mary will know immediately that the proposal is for her.
I have created a homepage ( where you can find the current status of my quest. You can use the homepage to check if the proposal has already reached Mary (in that case it is not necessary anymore to forward the mail).

Once the proposal has reached Mary, I will put a note on these pages. Also I will publish there how many people have read the proposal so that everybody can see how far it has spread and that it is getting closer to Mary.

And of course you will find there what I am waiting for most: Mary's answer! I can't tell you, how nervous I am. Will she accept my proposal? Will she like the unusual way how she got it, through the hands of thousands of messengers all over the world?

Please cross your fingers for me! And please - help me by sending the mail to your friends to help it spread, so that it eventually reaches Mary.

And here is my proposal:-
Mary, please forgive me, as you know English is not my native language. And I am not a poet. But I mean it from my heart.

My angel, five years ago, I will always remember the day when fate made us meet, blissful Alaskan moments in May. Earth spun around us and a journey began. Love, warmth, happiness, enough the years to span.

The longer it lasts the more grows our bond. And with 80 still - of you I will be fond. Whatever happens, I will stay at your side.

Through good and bad, together let us stride. No second with you was ever wasted. You are the sweetest I have ever tasted. We have spent so many years - why not a life? Mary, will you marry me - and become my wife?

Mary, if you have received that and have recognized me, then give me a sign so that I can continue with the romantic part of my proposal.
------------- SNIP (email text end) ---------------
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Anonymous jane said...

it's kinda creative n romantic.. but i wouldn't wanna be the last one to know of the proposal!

24 October, 2007 19:39  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yea yea, true also. imagine the whole wide world knew abt it except her. suddenly, frens/relative call her and ask her abt it and she knew nothing abt it. it might backfire too.

25 October, 2007 00:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy, or someone, spammed my wiki with this nonsense, twice. They created a talk page, the same way all the other spam appears in my wiki. After lodging a complaint on this guys guestbook, it was promptly deleted, along with other complaints from other sites that had been spammed. I don't know what this guys angle is, but I don't like what hes doing regardless, and apparently neither does his ISP as the site now seems to be down.

26 October, 2007 14:17  
Anonymous Janine said...

I fell for it and blogged but I also got to tell a sad tale in the process so not a complete loss, I suppose :)

01 November, 2007 02:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sometimes, most of this stuff thru emails are usually spams or hoaxes

01 November, 2007 09:30  
Blogger smudo said...

i don't know about the original proposal, but someone posted it to my blog a couple of minutes ago, and the link used by the poster definitely pointed back to a spam site.

so, even though the original intent might have been all good, spammers can now re-post the proposal, supplying a spam link in the post, and hope that the post will get through due to the supposed legitimacy of the proposal...


f -

13 November, 2007 14:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy spammed my wiki. I'm tired of dealing with crap like this.

03 June, 2008 22:54  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

looks like the website originator is still luring people to the website for reasons unknown to me (or my guesstimation only)

03 June, 2008 23:32  

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