Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Redemption of Bonuslink Points

I have been a member of Bonuslink for quite some time back, maybe just after their launch...... can't recall the exact date but long enough.

Saw that my accummulated points is quite high at the moment with some points about to expire in December, I decided to redeem some stuff.
When I went through the Bonuslink website, a Philips brand iron fits my household as our only iron has its metal base coming loose. No, no, we were not rough in using it. It has been serving my household for umpteenth years now. Time to retire.
Last week, my wife went over to Parkson located at OUG and was told that only the primary member, which was me, could redeem items. Aaaargh.....
So, we decided to go there again yesterday late morning and had our lunch at Leo's in Citrus Park. New food outlet and was recommended to try the Terriyaki Chicken Claypot Rice. Good choice! Went up again to the redemption counter inside Parkson shopping centre.
Failed again........... this time, I must have a redemption PIN number in order to redeem.......... Do you know how frustrating it was? I told the counter staff that I have redeemed items before at Shell petrol stations and I got what I wanted but she still said that I must have a redemption PIN number. She said come back on Tuesday so that we could make a call to Bonuslink and settle the PIN number on the spot. It took me soooooooooo many weeks just to be there. Went back home, checked Bonuslink website, true enough under "4.3 On-the-Spot Redemption", a PIN was required..........
Now I have to call Bonuslink and ask them what PIN number??????????????? Came to work today with an unironed shirt....good thing I did hang it properly after washing it so you could hardly see those crumbled section, good clothing material anyway. Lesson learnt - don't assume things and take the easy way out.



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