Friday, October 05, 2007

South African Gold Mine

Elandsrand Mine, owned by Harmony Gold Mining had a mishap last few days when a power cable caused the main lift from operating.

This mine is about 2.2 km deep........ yeah more than 2 kilometres. And imagine the heat that could be generated from 3,200 breathing gold miners trapped down there.

It was mentioned that the mine is usually 30 to 40 degree celcius and all the 3,200 gold miners have been rescued now. Thank God! Otherwise it could have been a record number of underground deaths. Can you imagine the underground working area that could be very big to fit in 3,200 people.

Their efforts to save the 3,200 workers in view of precaution was done at a slow rate as only 75 gold miners could only be brought up to surface each time. Well, due to the depth and type of lift being used, you can't expect the lift to move as fast as those found in skyscrapers. One hour could only pulled up 300 gold miners and it took a solid 11 hours for that evacuation operation.
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