Monday, October 01, 2007

Religion Conversion Case in Egypt

To change your religion from Islam to Christianity (or others) in Egypt, you will need a court approval. This is similar to Malaysia's case for Lina Joy.

The Egyptian courts are handling a number of cases where former Christians are intending to convert back to Christianity after having taken up Islamic faith earlier on. What a pressure on the courts. This kind of cases are quite common but most Egyptians would convert to Christianity quietly instead as in Malaysia. Indonesia, being a country populated with majority muslims, do not require such permission to do so. You are free to practise any religion.

The weird one is when a group of citizens from the Baha’i tribe wanted their religion to be left blank in their official documents but Egyptian laws require each citizen to state that they are either Muslim, Christian or Jewish. I guess the judges must be having sleepless nights lately.
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