Monday, October 15, 2007

Running All Over

Going to a friend's condo at Mont Kiara area to have our video shoot for the upcoming Christmas dramas (5 of them in production).

Today's drama's video shoot is for the Lady's Life which depicts this lady having a date with a guy that was introduced by her friend who owns a matchmaking agency. Somehow this guy is not the type of guy you would want to meet. He registered himself with the agency to know ladies and then cheat them by taking naked photos (after spiking the lady's drink)....... now how are we going to video shoot that scene ...... hehehehe

During wild brain storming sessions - this guy (we chose the actual actress' husband to play this role also....hahahaha) was supposed to take out her clothes (without showing her of course) by holding a bra and throwing it away ........... guess that wouldn't pass the censorship board....hehe. Well, that was the wild brainstorming sessions lah.

Going in a short while ....... have to set dining table just outside a japanese restaurant located within the condo compound, as if it was a dinner at an open air japanese restaurant. More pictures later on.
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Blogger MerCuRy said...

huh.. so free to make a drama for upcoming Christmas?

I can't proceed to comment page unless I right click it to open at new window/ new tab

16 October, 2007 02:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

free??? it's just a commitment lah moreover it's fun working with those crazy fellas

if u cant proceed - it cld be that u have prohibited pop-ups

16 October, 2007 10:32  
Blogger MerCuRy said...

yah I figured out already just my mistake :/

16 October, 2007 19:32  

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