Friday, October 12, 2007

Scam Emails

I wonder how often do you receive emails where the sender told you that after scanning through a number of names or info they have gotten (however little), they have chosen to deal with you on a financial transaction.

I do receive at least 5 each week in my yahoo email account. I would say that a majority or 99% of such emails are mentioned to have come from the Africa continent.

I'm talking about millions of US Dollars that are involved here. These people would, on the account of tiny weeny bit of my info, were so willing to trust me. All these emails would state that they would transfer all the money held up by their local banks or central banks or local governments and would like you to represent them as a foreign partner/next of kin to claim that amount.

Of course, just before they agreed to transfer that authority or money to you, they need some advance money from you as ALL their funds were held up and running short of it or the advance money from you would be used to pay off those officials involved.

The best of all - there would be some naive fellas out there in this world who would be so obedient in parting with their money. What do you call this? Naivety? Careless? Greedy? Stupid?

In USA, the average amount lost to such scams came up to US$3,000 per person conned. A monthly average of 800 people would fall for it. US Postal Inspection Service, through intelligence, has rounded up at least 77 scammers with the help of other countries' enforcement units. Scammers were arrested in Netherlands (60), Nigeria (16), Canada (1). More are being monitored. The US government has produced a website to counter such scams - FakeChecks (really like the website design, interesting way of telling people). FakeChecks has a Fraud Test section where it would help you to determine how authenticate was that email you have received.

In Malaysia, it's happening everyday and could even con/cheat a greedy Malaysian fella just via a SMS message. Malaysia Boleh indeed.

I have in my yahoo email this 2 scam emails:-
1) From: Franka Egondu (
He has US$6,300,000 for me (of course I get a percentage of it if I help). An Ivory Coast citizen of 22 yrs old and the bank won't release to him this amount because he's too young and won't be able to handle it.

2) From: Ahman Joseph (
He has US$3,500,000 (70% for me as commission). Marketing Manager of the Westminister Horseracing Club London. From his business research, he could get his supplier to supply to me in Malaysia and would get his company to deal with me. Apparently, company suspected hanky panky and didn't want him to deal with his supplier directly. Since he didn't want his company to find out actual price, he's getting me to act as another supplier in Malaysia and charge his company at a higher price.

With the above 2 transactions done, I would be filthy rich for sure. Can quit my current job too. You game for it? Don't laugh ok? There are people who have fell for it.

Reading: Scammers luring Americans with fake check schemes - Reuters
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