Monday, October 01, 2007

How Will a Judge Judge a Case?

Malaysian legal fraternity has been very excited about the video exposing a prominent lawyer which somehow fixed judiciary positions or case outcome. Thereafter, lawyers organised a walk for justice. This showed that the lawyers wanted justice to be carried out.

In China, the wife from Han family (left pic) was charged by the court for pouring acid on a girl from the Zhang family due to Zhang family's failure in paying compensation imposed by the court for causing death to a boy from Han family earler.

Zhang himself stated that he wanted to pay off the compensation slowly (this was his own planning) and thus incurred the wrath of the Han family. The court found that the Zhang family is quite well off in financial terms.

After hearing explanation from both parties, the judge who was hearing the court case couldn't take the Zhang family's testimony anymore and she took off a judge's robe and took the witness' stand to speak against the Zhang family. What a shock!

Will our Malaysian lawyers/judges stand up for unjust and unfair trials? Or money/status are worth more than integrity?
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