Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Video Shooting Madness

The Teenage Girl's drama team was at Cineleisure Damansara, filming their part at a shop called Seraphina.

The team was assessing the shop and planning where to start.
Last minute planning between my co-director with the first few girls before the video shooting began. And what was I doing taking pictures?????
CUT!!!!!!! Shouted the co-director and back to the scripts for them............. they managed to mumble their words at last.
Kerk said "I think this angle is not right". All we had was just a handheld video camera but it was good enough. With the number of people inside the shop, other shoppers thought this shop's goods were fantastic and they came in to have a look as well.

Halfway shooting, I noticed that the payment counter and changing room were resemblance of a kitchen and a shower area. Really cute.

After finishing our video shooting at the shop, we went to a karaoke place located 2 floors above Seraphina.

Nope, we were not celebrating the success of the video shooting earlier but to continue. Yeah, the drama entailed a scene at the karaoke place too.

Now this 3 guys, Lud, Jon & Terence were supposed to be 3 customers enjoying their time in the karaoke lounge. They were testing the microphone's working condition.

Kerk, our cameraman, worked unceasingly trying to capture the best angle and moments.

The papasan (missed his face) 'introduced' his girls to the 3 customers. The papasan was the karaoke caretaker and we managed to talk to him to play that special papasan role ......... hehehe. Producer's role lah.
So, the customers were enjoying their time chatting with the girls, who are college girls trying to earn extra income to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

Ain't it true. It's a fact which is happening in the real world.
This picture was taken just before Niki's (right) parents found her in the company of these men.

A fight erupted as her dad was too angry. The mom held on to the daughter. Didn't take any pictures as I was busy directing how the fight should be, how the others should react and where should stand for the best angle to be captured by the cameraman.

Long day indeed for some of them. The video shooting started at 4pm by gathering at one house to take the scene in the girl's room and moved on to Cineleisure Damansara. The whole thing ended around 12 midnight. So, it was a solid 8 hours involvement. For me, 4 hours was tiring too.

Some of our friends found out the long hours we took to film the drama and said "Wow, it must be exciting and you fellas must be making sure the best is done".

Upon hearing that, another friend said this "Those fellas took so long to film it because all amateurs and not Hong Kong movie stars. They kept having CUT!!! Do it Again! No, No, No, not like that one, cut, cut, cut...........". Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time.
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

I really hope some of these make it onto youtube :) Would be fun to see your master work!

25 October, 2007 12:17  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

will certainly do so. will keep u informed

25 October, 2007 13:55  

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