Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Malaysia's Space Programme

Malaysia is about to have their have first astronaut, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (1st choice) or Dr Faiz Khaleed (2nd choice), being shot up into space together with an American and a Russian tonight (Malaysian time around 2122 hours). Their Expedition 16's spaceship, Soyuz TMA-11, will arrive at the International Space Station in 2 days' time.

What I like best is when a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department proudly announced the publication of the world’s first concise and comprehensive guidebook of 18 pages for Muslims in space, which is entitled "Guidelines for Performing Islamic Rites at the International Space Station". Not only that, the Malaysian government would like to translate the guidelines into English, Russian, Arabic and possibly more languages, for the benefit of future Muslim astronauts.

Not ridiculing their intention but can't they refer to those previous Muslim astronauts that have flown up to space before this. Ain't it a waste of money as our Malaysian astronaut is not the first Muslim astronaut. I think the Auditor-General ought to audit the cost associated to this publication.

And our astronaut is still listed as a Spaceflight Participant .......... hehehehe
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Bro!

Luckily, we send a genius MUSLIM Orthopedic Specialist to the space not a racist blogger like you!

open up your mind dude! if its not for you, wish for your future generation!

10 October, 2007 16:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

beb, sorry if i did offend u. not targetting muslims lah. but more of the govt highlighting it to gain certain political mileage again.

why reference was not made with other muslims astronauts which i'm sure they wld have similar guidance as well. why waste money here for just 1 guy where USD25m was paid for his trip.

10 October, 2007 18:33  
Blogger 3POINT8 said...

Malaysia - The Pioneer of 'Muslim guide in Space!'
Wow....I'm proud to be a malaysian! Malaysia Boleh!!!

10 October, 2007 18:59  
Blogger dave said...

"Guidelines for Performing Islamic Rites at the International Space Station".

No other Muslim nation has done this. Kudos to our Muslim religious leaders, they have shown "Malaysia Boleh"

10 October, 2007 20:22  
Blogger sollee said...

hello..i'd like to comment about Johnny Ong as a blogger..i'm a filipino by the way and i'm not a relative or her daughter..but as a regular reader of his blog..i have never read his articles attack religion or race with fact he is multi-racial and has great respect to all people no matter who they are.. and where they came from..whatever race or religion they belong to..good evening and God bless..

11 October, 2007 20:02  
Anonymous shahrinsam said...

hello johny...

i truly understand that the post is not in any way, racist. However, I disagree with you regarding "refer to previous astronaut".

There has only been 2 previous muslim astronout before Mr. Sheikh. And the solution that they take in performing their obligation (if they do..), is just based on their own understanding.

As Islam is a religion that is not burdening, it is also a religion that require proper understanding..cannot simply do( rules)...

The Conference that is held earlier on, gather all ulama and the knowledgable to decide on one standard procedure and understanding on our 'ibadat' in outerspace. ITs the beginning of Space age for muslims so hopefully this guide will help any future muslim astronout/cosmonout. That's the beauty of matter where you are, there's always a way to perform your responsibility.

The translation will surely help in spreading the results of the previous conference...avoiding any unneccessary disagrrement in the future.

On your comments about the cost associated with this publication(or i believe, any 'extra' charge), well i have no comment on that... I hope they dont, but if they do, truly disgraceful...

And yeah..still a Spaceflight Participant....

11 October, 2007 20:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

thks sollee, for the reference u have made

shahrinsam - glad that u brought more understanding on this. as for the number of muslims going up, there have been 5 previous ones and one came from the kingdom of saudi arabia.

for our msian guidelines - 150 ppl comprising muslim clerics, scholars, religious officials came together to compile it

and in putting up this post, its main aim was the cost of it, just so happened its related to muslim ...

but i like the way it has triggered ppl to think

selamat hari raya to shahrinsam

12 October, 2007 09:57  
Anonymous shahrinsam said...

5 people..i tot only 2...yup one of them is the saudi prince if im not mistaken.

Yeah, I realize the post its about the cost...nothing bout against the muslim...

Selamat hari raya to u too as well johny...

im celebrating mine in london (student)....:(

ps:just started reading ur blog yesterday...keep it the jokes..

12 October, 2007 17:35  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hav to find that article again.
c'mon shahrinsam, london is perfectly ok. or marvellous for that matter. imagine i celebrated chinese new year, hari raya, deepavali, christmas in sudan.

to bring our conversation to a high debatable level, i'm a man utd supporter (hard core)

12 October, 2007 17:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if malaysia send ethnic chinese..sure no bising² one ..ZzZz

14 October, 2007 16:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have hundreds of thousands living in poverty, which results in increase in crimes. Many of our roads, bridges and infrastructure are badly in need of repairs. Money is urgently needed to solve many of our developing nation's problems. What's the point of spending so much money to send someone off to space to play yoyo and other micro gravity games?

24 October, 2007 10:33  

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