Saturday, October 20, 2007

Car Models Over the Years

In order to capture consumers' interest in their car models, car manufacturers tend to change the car's design to catch up with competitors' car models worldwide or the trend of current market. Toyota kept up with the changes from year 1995 to 2004.Peaugot ensured that its Peaugot 406 model is up to its mark as well.Honda, with its worldwide market, will match its Honda Accord model with consumers' want.Proton, the Malaysian car manufacturer that is being courted by Volkswagen, produced the Proton Saga model in year 1985 and stucked to its same design for the next 20 years. They call it consistency!



Blogger 3POINT8 said...

Whats with the photoshopped car plate number?

20 October, 2007 20:53  
Anonymous Edward Khoo said...

20+ years have gone yet they still stick with the same design, couldn't they figure out a new design within this period?

21 October, 2007 03:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

3.8 - u really have an eye for details. i didnt even notice those registration numbers. yeah, very peculiar with those numbers....why those few numbers... 4digit??

22 October, 2007 09:22  

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