Thursday, October 18, 2007

Palace of the Golden Horses

The name sounds like a place belonging to a royalty family but actually it's the name of a 5-star hotel located on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. Palace of the Golden Horses' design is very unique inspired by the Moorish era.
My family decided to go for a buffet dinner at this hotel after we found out that Shangri-La Hotel's Lemon Garden Cafe was without air-condition for that night. The other reason we chose it was because we have not been there for their buffet dinner.

It was about 10-15 minutes drive from my house. We reached there around 7.35pm and went to Carousel Cafe which housed the buffet dinner. Quite empty, maybe most of the city folks were back at their hometown during the long weekend break. The price was RM60 and RM40 for adult and child respectively at this cafe. With that pricing, we expected the food to be satisfactory. To our dismay, it was not. We were disappointed with the food that was served.

* The supposedly fresh salmon fish was really bad as the moment you bite into it, you can tell that it was not fresh at all.
* The mee rebus' gravy was thick but without much taste.
* Prawns cooked in chilli and spices were not fresh.
* Butter for bread melted like nobody's business ....... u can drink the melted butter on the spot.
* I wondered what kind of mushroom soup was that as it tasteless. * Their readily cut fresh fruits were so pale and was off its original colours.
* Cooking style for various dishes were almost the same.
* About 12 main dishes but its quality/taste were not up to its 5-star hotel status.
* The first few tables' lighting at the entrance was too dim.
* The food that I enjoyed were the roast lamb and ice-cream.

Would say that it was a shame that we were the only diners left at 9.10pm (even though officially, it was opened till 10.30pm for the buffet dinner). Need I say more. Everyone has left except my table. Are we supposed to leave as well so that they can close the cafe earlier? Was very sure there was no emergency evacuation at that time. Not long after that, walk-in hotel guests came for their ala-carte meals. If you look at their decorations, it's so old already. I wondered how long this cafe has been in such state (low patronage by diners).

We left around 9.45pm as the mood was not there and right after dinner, we went to a friend's house at Sri Petaling and told them our ordeal. This couple had been previously and had even decided to take this hotel off their list of places to eat forever. So have we!

Shangri-La Hotel has to take the blame partially .... hehe. If not for their air-condition situation, we would not have gone to Palace of the Golden Horses (noticed the hotel area was full of horses).

Please take away the word 'Palace' as the food served at its Carousel Cafe doesn't justify the use of it. The hotel's ambience was beautiful and hopefully their other restaurants are up to its 5-star standard.
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