Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stucked in Between Two Floods

When I told my friend that I could not go to his house on Saturday afternoon due to the flood, he asked me what happened. Told him that I got stucked in between two floods...... baffled as I was, he asked "How did you get yourself to be stucked in between two floods, how did you get past the first one??"

hmmmmmmm.... good question. A few of us were supposed to be at his house for one of the drama practises but unfortunately things went awry. I managed to call another group who was making their way and they managed to slip out somewhere and went back home.

I picked up a friend at Taman Seputih at around 4.50pm amidst the heavy thunderstorm. Made my way out of Taman Seputih and took the highway going towards Cheras coming from the Federal Highway direction. The two Touch & Go booths have malfunctioned which caused all cars to squeeze into remaining booths. Paid and all I need was about 10 minutes before reaching his home in Alam Damai.

Took the road leading to Bandar Tun Razak Industrial Park and was caught at that traffic light until I saw some cars going on the opposite direction at the left hand emergency lane. What's going on? Saw cars reversing and making 3 point turn to take the emergency lane. Need to do likewise as the traffic light area (under the flyover) was flooded. Others cars which saw this batch of cars reversing and going the opposite direction stayed put allowing us to turn back to the highway. Nooooowwww the highway is jam packed too. 20 minutes - moved about 50 metres. On reaching the top of the flyover, I saw the highway flooded at the bottom of the flyover. I paid toll to get caught in a flood.

So I thought I was smart in getting out from that earlier flood only to get stucked in another one elsewhere. Waited for the flood to recede, what else!!!! Didn't go for the drama practise and dropped my friend back at her house in Taman Seputih and reached home at 6.30pm. For 1 hour 40 mins, I was out there in the car. By the time I reached home, noticed that I have forgotten to take any pictures at all.........how come?
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