Monday, October 08, 2007

Making of Star Maker's Songwriting Competition

Interested to blog about a songwriting competition? Want to linger/mix around with performing artistes?

If you are, please read on!

There is an on-going songwriting competition being organised by Star Maker. Apart from being a music distributor, Star Maker is a recording label, with an internet radio station, event and music management services. They have put up a Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition ("MRSC") for the past years and coming 2 December 2007 will be its finals again.

If you are a songwriter reading this particular blog posting, you can't submit your song for this year's competition. Don't despair as Star Maker has opened its registration for year 2008's competition.

Please note that Star Maker is looking forward to bloggers to blog about their events. I have made an arrangement with the producer that on 27 October 2007 bloggers could attend the boot camp/professional photo shooting session for MRSC 2007 participants/artistes. Bloggers could attend the session any time between 10am to 10pm. On that day, MRSC 2007 participants will also get consultation on image, make up, hair make over, stage presence and vocal advice.

If any bloggers who are interested to attend, please do provide your fullname, I/C no., blog web address and contact no. by emailing (email title Star Maker) for registration purpose (otherwise they'll be wondering who are you snapping pictures away - stalkers??). You can bring your own camera, snap it, interview the artistes, then post it in your blog and promote the MRSC 2007 finals. If you want your photos to be taken by the professionals on that same day, you have to pay on your own lah (check with me on the price).

Will be making arrangement for bloggers to witness the backstage preparations during the MRSC 2007 finals. You'll never know, you could be standing beside a famous songwriter/singer in the making.

Were you part of the crowd at Laundry Bar, The Curve on 4 Oct? You would have noticed a band by the name of Army of Three. This band's music is currently being managed by Star Maker. I was caught up with other stuff and missed it.

Star Maker had also organised the One Rock 2007 held on 20 Sept at the Mines Square recently.
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Blogger 3POINT8 said...

I want to go to that event!
Too bad, I'm not in msia!!!
Man, Why do good stuff have to happen while I'm away from the country?

10 October, 2007 18:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i'm waiting for response here....who else wants to go. got 1 guy who's interested.

11 October, 2007 10:11  
Blogger lkc_lai said...

Dear friend,

do you mind to tell me how to insert song into a blog?

Best regards


24 October, 2007 11:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

go to
choose the song via artiste's name or name of song. copy the html code and place it in yr blog template.

25 October, 2007 00:54  

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