Sunday, October 28, 2007

Terrorist List

A Terrorist List has been compiled by the Government Accountablity Office of USA. Go and check it out whether your name has been mentioned.

When we were in Sudan for our work assignment, we did mention that we could be banned from entering USA seeing those Sudan (being sanctioned by USA) immigration stamps in our passport. The USA embassy in Malaysia will require all expired passports and request you to list down places visited for the last 10 years before approving your visa application. And this list could be used to review people applying for their visas.

The Terrorist List's purpose is to assist the relevant authorities on the following:-
* check persons seeking visas
* travellers entering or leaving the country
* domestic airline passengers and persons stopped by state, local or federal law enforcement.

The listing itself grew tremendously i.e. from 158,734 names in June 2004 to 754,960 names by May 2007. It did worry the Homeland Security of USA on the huge increase. How are they to monitor that number of people?

If you found your name listed errorneously, you could write in to get your name off it.

Just make sure that your name won't be listed in the FBI's most wanted terrorists....hehehe
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