Friday, January 26, 2007

Apache in Kuala Lumpur

Red Indians? US Air Force's helicopters? A notorious gang?

It's actually a gang of motorcyclists terrorising around the city of Kuala Lumpur and had committed 21 robberies in 2 months. Their way of intimidating their victims resembled the Apache Red Indians when attacking the cowboys. Surround your victims and go round and round before launching the 'attack'. The latest incident happened to 2 ladies at Bangsar, an upscale area in Kuala Lumpur.

Such groups of motorcyclists, rampant throughout the country, are notorious and they have been given a name, Mat Rempit (actually they are illegal street racers), by certain political people. The concerned political people wanted to drive some sense into the Mat Rempits' brains but was futile. Efforts such as constructing a race track to keep them off the road and organising big gatherings with healthy activities have vapourised. How come the concerned political people don't know what sort of activities that drives the Mat Rempits? The adrenalin is when the Mat Rempits squeeze through tight traffic and zoom pass the red traffic lights daring each other. Or jumping over a pit of raging fire but not a gathering.

I support such good intention but without proper planning and yet recognising them with a name, it has backfired. Many people have said that it was a political agenda to draw the motorcyclists to join the political party that came out with the idea. A ploy but without meat in the plan?

Intention was even made to upgrade their name to Mat Cemerlang (similar to 'Excellent Dude') in Nov 2006. This idea has been conveniently swept under the carpet as it was shot down by the general public. Sometimes I really wonder why such high intelligence political people can come out with such brilliant ideas. Even the police force doesn't agree with such branding.

A victim of such Mat Rempits has launched a blog, Anti Rempit Campaign, about the notorious motorcyclists' situation in the country. The police force is at their wits controlling such gangs.
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